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Charging Spot 4.0 is Powermat's latest generation of wireless charging technology. Based on SmartInductive technology, Charging Spot 4.0 can be installed on almost any surface without drilling! For more information, check out the product page.

The Ring is your key to wireless power. We made it extremely light and compact without sacrificing the capabilities of a normal phone charger. 

An increasing number of mobile devices already come with embedded wireless charging capabilities like iPhone X, iPhone 8, Samsung S9, Samsung Note8 & Note9, LG G7 and more. If your phone does not have it built in, you need the Ring in order to transfer wireless power from the charging spot to your phone.

The Ring is designed to charge smartphones without embedded wireless charging. Choose the suitable Ring compatible with a Micro USB charging port or an iPhone charging port. This typically means the Ring supports Android based phones, iPhone 7 earlier versions, Blackberry and Windows based phones.

The Powermat app works as your guide in the world of wireless charging. It makes the Powermat setup easy and reveals all the Powermat locations available to you when you’re out and about. The app is available for download in the App Store and Google Play. Visit www.powermat.com/app for more information.

Unfortunately, the Ring is not suitable for home charging mats. However, we recently announced a partnership with DuPont Building Innovations to bring wireless charging to their Corian surfaces. You will soon be able to wireless charge on home and office surfaces.